Friday, November 20, 2009

Its baking time!

I sure do love to bake! And Christmas is the perfect time to break out the measuring cups and cookie cutters. I love to give little platters of goodies as gifts over the holidays to my family and friends, who can enjoy the sweets and then re-use the platter for their own use! Enjoyable yet practical.

So I was excited to pick up the new Betty Crocker magazine devoted to Christmas cookies and bars (ok, it wasn't the only one I picked up, but it was the lastest edition to my collection...). The one from last year got a lot of use and I quickly found some favorites, and after browsing this year's, I have already found some great recipes that I'll definitely be trying out. Just need to find the time to put everything together.  

Once I get going on this project (just one of many...), I'll share some lovely photos of how they turned out. I'll also be sure to share the recipes of the ones I made. And who knows, maybe a tray of delectables will be under your tree this year...

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