Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to simplify your life... one step at a time!

I'm always on the look out for ways that will help simplify my life, and Matt and I stumbled across a simple yet brilliant idea while were browsing Anthropologie, a women's clothing and accessory store - the All Out Of list.

We went there for the purpose of browsing the women's clothing, at a suggestion from Erin, Matt's sister. She had heard that the US store was now in Canada, so we made a day of it and visited the Don Mills location before our adventure to the Science Centre.

The clothes were very nice, but what really caught my eye where the knick knacks and other unique accessories, such as the above list. I, of course, had to buy it, and it now has a new home on our fridge. I simply check off the boxes of the items that I have run out of or know I need to purchase on your next trip, and shopping couldn't be easier! You tear off the sheet on your way out the door, and with 60 sheets in the book, it will surely last you at least a year. Items are grouped together in categories, with additional lines for adding in items not already there. Naturally, the first thing I did was cross off the mushrooms...

I was also drawn to the winter accessory section, trying on a few hats and admiring the colourful scarfs, although I didn't buy anything; I just  couldn't make up my mind! But Matt, the ever-so-thoughtful boyfriend he is, noticed which ones I liked and bought me one for our anniversary. He sure is the best!

While I'm in no hurry for the snow and cold weather to get here, at least I'll look cute when it does!

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