Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trivia Tuesday

Today is a great day for those of us who struggle admitting when we are wrong, or for those of us who are hardly ever right! (I probably fall into both categories, if we have to be honest. I love being right, even if means I'm ridiculously wrong...) If you fit into either of those categories, you'll be happy to read that today is.... Everything You Do is Right Day!! Sometimes, when life gets you down, and it feels like you can't every do anything right, take comfort in knowing that today is YOUR day. Yes, I know this holiday might sound absurd, but I don't make them up, I just report on them. If I did get to invent days to celebrate, there would be a lot more days worth mentioning! You could turn this into a really great day for you if, say, you are struggling with your boss about being right. Or your spouse for that matter. I'm not sure how far the argument "But BusyBeeBets told me I'm right today!" will get you, but it could be worth a try. I'll be happy to vouch for you, if necessary.  

And of course you are probably all aware that tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. That means we all get to put on our best green outfits and drink pints of green beer (Irish accent optional!). Matt and I don't traditionally do much on St. Patty's day, and this year probably won't be any different. Instead of drinking beer at a crowded bar, I'll be shopping for wedding shoes. Although I might be tempted to have a pint with dinner, if it happens to be on the menu. We'll be dining out that night, but had I been cooking, I might have been tempted to create a very green meal... Green eggs and ham, perhaps? I love themed dinners, if the occasion calls for one! Maybe next year I'll have the foresight to plan a Green Dinner...

On another note, last night at our little condo was, in fact, a real trivia night. We are big fans of Jeopardy and PVR it nightly. This allows us to fast forward the commercials, as well as the contestant stories (we're here for the trivia, not the people!). Matt and I are constantly shouting out the answers, mine mostly wrong, his mostly right. Except tonight - Everything I Do Is Right Day overrides my wrong answers! 

We had a bit of a marathon last night, and its funny how we pick our players to choose from. If the returning champ is someone we like, we often cheer them on, wondering how far they will get. We also like it if the players are Canadian; we feel some sort of patriotism to cheer for them.  But if the contestants are annoying or act like know-it-alls, well, they get no support from us.

I also like to heckle Alex; he has this thing about talking down to the contestants and viewers, like we all should be as smart as him - you know, the guy with all the answers in front of him! And he likes to highlight how wonderful he is. I find this very funny to laugh at, especially when he's introducing a video clip of himself: "and here's me with the next clue." I do get a kick out of those ones. When it comes to the trivia, thought, it is interesting how some categories, like Russian History, for example, where we have no knowledge of the subject, but that we are surprisingly able to answer some of the questions. Matt does very well in the pop culture categories, anything to do with movies or music (ps: he has auditioned online twice now, so I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get to cheer him on one day at the studio!). I sometimes excel in the Crossword Letter categories (the ones where they tell you what letter the answer starts with, so it's sort of like a built in hint...), and some of the science and food categories. Other times, there will be variations of the questions that lead to the same answer, so I do find that we are learning as we watch this show. And when it's Final Jeopardy time, we see the category, and then we'll both shout out an answer before seeing the clue. It's surprising how many times we'll be right! I still remember the time when Matt and I first started dating, and the category was Breakfast Cereal, and I guessed Captain Crunch (Matt's favourite at the time), and it was right!

I would say we are both fairly big trivia buffs. During long drives, we like to play 20 questions, a great way to occupy our time together (plus, I can still knit as we play...). This Christmas I found a board game very similar to 20 questions, where one person reads out 10 clues, one at a time, and you have to guess the answer. It is either a person, place, or thing, and the goal, when playing with more than 2 people, is to see who can guess it before the last clue is read. Well, we played this, just the two of us, last night over dinner, and it was quite fun! It sort of took the work of having to come up with people/places/things. I can see it being a lot of fun with a group of us, so I think we'll try it out this weekend.

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