Friday, November 29, 2013

Fat Friday - AFT Bar

If you're in the mood for BBQ goodness and you find yourself around the Queen & Broadview area, then you should definitely check out AFT Bar. Matt and I ventured there this summer, not long after it opened up, to check out their menu.

The space isn't large and seating is limited, so get there early for a table, or take your chances and just show up, and you might find a seat at the bar. It does get busy on the weekend after 7, but luckily, we eat early now. If you're bringing a toddler along, they don't have high chairs, so you might need to bring your own. Or, call ahead - they do accommodate take-out orders. 

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Their weeknight menu offers a few different options than their weekend BBQ menu, so keep that in mind if you're heading there. We went on a Sunday and tried their sample platter for two, which came with more than enough meat and sides for the both of us - a choice of three of each. If you like sticky ribs, smokey pulled pork, and BBQ chicken, then you'll like this. We added a side of coleslaw, roasted potato salad, and cowboy baked beans to top it all off, and washed it all down with a cool pint of beer. 

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