Thursday, August 05, 2010

What to do with a fresh basket of peaches...

man, the lighting in my fridge is good!
You may not think there is any other answer to that question than to eat them. There probably isn't really, but in my mind, the question of the day is HOW to eat them. And now that I've found the farmer's market at Metro Hall on Thursdays, I dream all week what I can make with the local fruits and vegetables I'll be picking up. Today's trip was to pick up said peaches, some corn on the cob, and some fresh tomatoes.  The corn is for dinner, as are the tomatoes, which are destined for a roasted tomato and pepper sauce for my home made spaghetti (look for that post later...).

So, what exactly to do with the peaches, I mean, besides eating them as is? There is something extremely satisfying about taking a big juicy bite. My first thought was dessert! And to accomplish that, I whipped out my trust mandolin (my new favourite kitchen gadget for slicing and dicing), and finely sliced a few peaches. I then placed them in small oven safe bowls, and sprinkled a combination of brown sugar, butter, and oatmeal on top - the classic topping for an easy peach cobbler.

I know you can't really see the peaches, but they are under there...

It turned out we weren't really in the mood for dessert that night, so why not a peach cobbler for breakfast the next morning?!?! Just cover with aluminum foil and refrigerate for the night, and warm in the oven the next morning. Put a spoonful of yogurt on top, and what a great morning treat.  


  1. What a great idea for breakfast. So tasty. I think I'll make a raspberry cobbler! Thanks!

  2. I've got a basket of peaches sitting on my counter too. I've been cutting one up on my cereal in the mornings. Will have to try this peach cobbler idea though!!!


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