Monday, August 30, 2010

A curious sight in Toronto

Living in the big city, I see a lot of different sights around town. Perhaps I shouldn't really be that surprised (this is Toronto, after all), but I never expected to see what I saw the other day from my balcony. Sure, walking around town, it's usual to see the various styles of men and women - the unique styles of 'hipsters' in outfits I could never get away with wearing, but somehow, they pull off. But the view from above is very different.

The other day while working at home, I had the balcony door open (it was one of those days where the heat broke and it was actually comfortable to sit with the cool air blowing in). Amidst the car horns and sirens, I heard the air fill with music, an unusual sound during the day. Curiosity simply got the better of me and I had to see what was going on.

You should know that our balcony overlooks a rooftop patio of a bar/club. Thursday through Saturday nights, it goes without saying that our windows stay closed, and although the low  drumming of the bass often seeps through the window panes, we are fairly well insulated from the loud chatter and rhythmic music.

So, what did I see???

A giant inflatable beaver! Turns out, the club was hosting a private event for Roots Canada, so of course! A giant beaver. It makes perfect sense. I shared the image on Facebook with my friends, and had to let Matt know what he was missing out on, and that beaver really did put a big smile on my face.  What a day...

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