Friday, November 15, 2013

Fat Friday - Lazy Daisy

Lazy Daisy is our local cafe, located just a short walk from our house. We pick up coffees and snacks if we're feeling peckish while  walking by, or we make it a destination to enjoy their big brunches on Sundays (I recommend the breakfast burrito). The food is wonderful and the ambiance so very relaxed and charming. All ingredients are locally sourced, organic, and made into wonderful concoctions that fill your belly.

And it's super kid friendly, which we are quickly realizing is very important. With a play area at the back with trains and books, you're almost guaranteed an enjoyable meal together (spoons also are fun to play with!)

The story of the cafe is equally delightful. A mother wanted to start a place where families could come to enjoy good food and good company, and she has succeeded! I went to Lazy Daisy regularly while on maternity leave, and we've taken most of our families for their brunches on various occasions. 

But it's now so much more than just a coffee place now - they serve dinner and, more importantly, alcohol. Add to that the various events they host throughout the month, like trivia nights,  comedy hours, even beer and cheese tastings, and Lazy Daisy, me thinks you have turned into a place that everyone can enjoy. 

The newly added Lazy Nights offers a tapas style menu for sharing Thursdays through Sunday evenings. We finally made it there last weekend and were not disappointed. We arrived around 5:30, and while dinner service didn't start until 6, the bar was open. So while Olivia played around the train table, making friends with the other kids, Matt and I were able to enjoy a pint while browsing the menu. We decided on the Organic Quinoa & Chickpea Croquettes and the Daisy's Farmstead Chili Nachos. Both were delicious, and the nachos were more than enough for us both. Served with a tasty bean chili and melted cheese on top with sour cream on the side, you can't really go wrong with nachos. 

Other menu items include various naan bread pizzas, spaghetti and meatballs, mac 'n cheese, and pulled pork sliders, just to name a few. And don't forget about dessert....We look forward to going back - there are still so many options! 

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