Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Edible Snowmen!

Just in time for the opening of Disney's new animated movie Frozen, I came across this AWESOME edible craft that I just couldn't resist making. I set out to gather all the ingredients and made them last night at home for Matt to take to work today for his team.  The snow on the ground this morning seemed also fitting for the occasion.

As I couldn't locate any of the jumbo marshmallows, I had to make a few adjustments to the original plan. And knowing that my artistic skills are not amazing, I took an easier approach to the adding the finishing touches. I know it doesn't resemble Olaf exactly, but I think I managed to capture the essence of the funny snowman. 

If you're in the winter mood already and looking for a cute, funny, and entertaining movie (for kids and adults alike!), Frozen is just that. Check out the trailer below. 

If you'd like to make your own Olaf, here's how I made mine: 


    Graham crackers
    Blue-tinted frosting or blue candy melts
    Medium-size marshmallows
    Miniature-size marshmallows
    Black candy melts
    Black licorice rope

    Orange Nerds


Divide graham crackers in half.
Cut one large and one small marshmallow in half for each snowman; cut licorice rope into arms.
Melt blue candy melts (if using) and spread on graham cracker; place the body and legs while frosting/candy is still warm. 
Stick arms into sides of the body. 
Melt black candy melts; using a tooth pick or the flat end of a skewer, dab on buttons to body and add eyes and mouth to the face. 
With a small dab of black candy melt, add orange nerd for the nose. 
Let cool to allow everything to set, then enjoy!

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