Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This and That

A few random thoughts for today...

Firstly, Matt and I discovered a new place to add to our Best Croissant search. This past weekend we wandered down Queen Street again and stopped by a little cafe called Quaff. Inside was very spacious, with extra seating at the back, and fresh croissants to boot! I admit, I was a little unfair to them at first, judging by (gasp!) how they looked on the outside, but one bite and we were hooked! They have probably moved up our list to second place, and since they are in the neighbourhood, we will most likely revisit. They also had good coffee, plus other delectables to nibble on. I would recommend checking it out if you're ever in the area. Plus, with the ample seating, we had room to sit and enjoy the morning paper - the perfect way to start a Saturday. It's also conveniently located to Romni, my favourite yarn store, but  can you believe it? I didn't need any new yarns! I think Matt was just as shocked as you are. Don't worry, it's only because I am already working on three new projects and fully stocked with yarn. I am adding to my BusyBeeBets ZOO! (More on that later...)

We also enjoyed a few nice weekend meals together that I thought I would share with you. Feel free to be inspired and try them out yourselves. They really don't take much time. The first was a very nice grilled steak with a tasty peach sauce (I have to say that I was at once very reluctant to include sweet ingredients when cooking dinners, but adding just a touch of, say peach or apple, is really quite enjoyable! Thank goodness for cooking recipes, because I probably would NOT have come to that conclusion on my own. I can be a stubborn chef sometimes...) This meal was oh so easy to make. I simply minced some fresh peaches, added olive oil and a dash of chipotle pepper for some heat, and warmed in a small frying pan. I think drizzled atop two freshly grilled steaks. Served with grilled potatoes and a side salad, and there you have a nice, quick, easy Saturday dinner.

Of course, for the big Gold Medal Match a few weeks ago, we dined on (what else), Sunday Chili, served with warm cheesy garlic bread and beer! The perfect meal to watch the Canadian Team beat the US... but not without a fight! Watching those last few minutes in the third period, we were both on the edge of our seats (our meals were long done by this point... and we were probably into our third beer...). Then, as the US tied up the game, we readied ourselves for overtime... It sure was a tense few minutes, but hopefully you all know how it ended. If you've been listening to the news lately, you might have heard that some of Syd the Kids hockey stuff went 'missing', or, as the news are reporting, were stolen. They were even offering up a reward to get it back to him. Well, they just reported today that they were actually misplaced, and accidently shipped somewhere. Whew! For a minute, I thought Syd might have had to get a new glove and stick! (This sentence should be read with a lot of sarcasm...).

Anyway, off now to prepare some left over pulled pork sandwiches before heading out to watch Matt's weekly Wednesday night basketball game. I'm the designated score keeper, water girl, and cheer leader - I wear many hats, you know...

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  1. Elizabeth, every time you post something about food,I get instantly hungry and start thinking about what yummi stuff I have in my fridge, if I have any; if I don't, I start thinking about what Rasmus could cook next:) This time croissants are on the list:)! I love them and the ones in your picture look delicious; I could so eat one right now, but I don't have any and the bakery is nowehere near where I leave. Sure, I could make some, but I'm not good at baking, or cooking, so I guess I just have to wait until Rasmus gets home from work:)



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