Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Trivia Tuesday

With the beginning of March upon us, not only are the days growing longer, and hopefully warmer, but we also get to appreciate a new full month of trivia! What is in store for us this month, you might wonder? Well, to peak your interest, first let me tell you that March is National Craft Month! What could be more fitting for us, dear readers? A month dedicated entirely to the art of crafting all things big and small. (I wonder if this means that I have to craft even more this month? I can try, but I'm not sure what my professors would think about me knitting during our sales calls...) And hey, even if you don't think you're crafty with either knitting or sewing, or cooking and baking in the kitchen (which I consider to be a kind of craft), I know a lot of you are crafty in other ways...

But perhaps some of you might be more interested to know that March is also National Noodle Month. I'm a fan of noodles, but I'm not sure I'll be eating them month-long. The good thing about noodles is that you can put some many different sauces on them, and they come in so many different shapes and colours, so really, you probably could eat a different noodle every day of the month... any one want to take that challenge on? I'm happy to supply suggestions of what to eat and possibly even put together a monthly menu, followed by an extensive workout plan. You might need it after so much pasta... but I digress.

Ok, if you're neither a fan of crafting nor noodles, what else happens in the month of March (we here at BusyBeeBets try to appeal to everyone! We are an equal opportunity blog...)? If you're a fan of the freezer section at the grocery store, then you might be happy to hear that March is also National Frozen Food Month (really!?! Who comes up with this stuff?). I hope this includes all frozen foods, like ice cream, ice cream bars, sorbet, gelato... because really, why would I want to celebrate frozen beans and carrots all month long?

In honour of National Crafting Month, I have selected a quiz that will test your knowledge in various crafting techniques. It's a fairly simple one - I scored a perfect 10, and I think you can, too! Enjoy!

I almost forgot! It's Dr. Seuss's Birthday today! He's 106.

"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you."
Dr. Seuss

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  1. Yesssss! FINALLY I got a good score 10/10. You make the wedding prep sound like so much fun, I think because you are so good at it.


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