Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fat Friday - Oh Boy Burger

After much delay, finally... our Fat Friday update!

This past Friday, in honour of the fabulous weather we were experiencing, we thought a burger would be the perfect way to cap off the week. And, since we can't currently bbq on our balcony, we headed out to Queen St (our favourite go-to walking street) to try the newest burger joint to turn up there - Oh Boy Burger.

You may remember our other burger tastings - Grindhouse and Craft Burger (which I've yet to blog about, so we may have to head back there soon. Oh, what I do for you dear readers...), so this was the third on our list to try. The Oh Boy restaurant had a very diner-esque quality to it, and when we walked in, we weren't quite sure that we'd get a table. But turns out there was more seating at the back, which also doubles as a night club with live band (they were just setting up when we got there). The front of the diner catered to more of the take-out crowd.

So, after settling in at our booth in the back, Matt ordered the basic burger, minus the mayo, and an order of onion rings, and for myself, how could I resist a cheese burger with fries (we love ordering an side each of onion rings and fries - to share, of course!). Service was pretty speedy, if I remember, which was good, because we were hungry! But sadly, they had forgotten to leave the mayo off on Matt's burger, so we had to send that on back. He was a couple bites into the burger when he realized that they had only taken the mayo off the top of the burger, and forgot the bottom bun, so sadly, I think that spoiled his meal for him. As for my burger, it was pretty good, but not the best we had. We'll probably stick to our other burger joints, but I do believe we have one more on our list to try...

We walked home satisfied but not stuffed, enjoying the last of the setting sun, and prepared to spend the rest of the night on the couch. Matt received an advanced copy of The Blind Side, which I had been anxious to see, so we cuddled together watching Sandra Bullock do her thing. Ah, dinner out and a movie in...a great way to spend a quiet Friday night.


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