Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Crafty Wedding...

I know not all of you will be attending my upcoming wedding, but the beauty of this blog is that I can still share with you some of the planning and crafty ideas I have in mind. Matt and I were sure from the beginning that we wanted something small and intimate, celebrating with our closest family and friends, and so far, the planning has been going along really smoothly!

I, of course, really wanted to incorporate some of my crafty ideas into the wedding, and Matt was kind enough to let me design away (really, how could he argue...). I started with our Save The Date cards, pictured here to the right. I had a lot of fun searching websites (I'm sure only I would find this fun...) to get a general sense of what one might look like, and in the end, designed this one. I thought the teal and black were great contrasting colours, and the style was simple and reflected the style of our wedding. I decided to add a cute picture of the two of us together (I even slightly tinted it teal to match... Matt, hope you don't mind me sharing our photo...), added some basic info, and Voila! You've got yourself a Save The Date card. (On a side note, I read an article of a woman who designed such invites and cards on the side, and became so popular that she turned it into a full time job! Feel free to pass my name along...) We emailed these to friends and family, and then it was on to the invites. The colour palette was a great starting point, and we've decided to use the teal as a main colour theme at the wedding. 

When it came to the invites, at first we were going to do e-vites for the cocktail party and send them out electronically, but the more we thought about it, the more I liked the idea of making our own and sending to our guests so that they could have something to put up on their fridge as a reminder. While browsing the Paper Store, we found teal cards in the perfect size, envelopes to fit, and the patterned black and white paper (pictured left) to add a bit of contrast. I think we'll also use this paper again in another wedding project. Again, a simple idea for the invite, but I really like the effect. The cards ran through the printer just fine, and so all I really had to do was put together the information, print, cut the strips of paper, and glue. Matt left the cutting and gluing part to me; he says he's scissor-challenged, being a lefty and all. So far we've had some really nice comments on them.

As an added bonus, I even got to design a wedding website! This was more for adding information about the day, but I still got to customize and add my own pictures. This is the fun stuff of planning a wedding that I really enjoy. And just think, now I'll get to make Thank You cards, too!


  1. Looks wonderful! Can't wait to see more.

  2. The cards do indeed look wonderful and I think that they are that much more special because you've made them yourself (but then again, knowing you and your passion for home-made things, what else could we expect?). I'm looking forward to hearing more about your wedding plans and how everything will unfold.



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