Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Trivia Tuesday

I don't want to alarm you, but today is Panic Day! Ok, you might have been better served if you were informed of this earlier today (but I panicked and couldn't blog this morning!), but at least now you can continue your day in whatever stress- or panic-induced state you are in and feel justified in doing so. Heck, you can even let people know about it

For example, perhaps you are panicked (paniced? It just doesn't look right...) about work; there's never enough hours in the day to get to everything you need to done, and the more you keep saying, "I'll do it tomorrow", the more tomorrow fills ups and you have to keep pushing your items "To Do" to the next day. And then you panic about that! It's a vicious cycle, and while I do not have a readily available solution, I do know that keeping a To Do list is actually quite helpful. So is beer or wine.

I don't really have much more useful information than this to share with you, but I did find it interesting that there is an entire day dedicated to Panic. I guess people build panic rooms for a reason, though...

As there is not much to note about today (other than it also being No Smoking Day, and Barbie's Birthday), I thought I would share with you a bit of trivia to keep in mind for the coming days:
  • March 13th is Good Samaritan Day. Perhaps a kind gesture or a nice deed for a stranger would brighten someone's day, and make you feel better, and surely it would be appreciated. My kind deed for the day is baking cupcakes for my girlfriend's daughter's first birthday.
  • March 14th has a slew of great things to celebrate. To name just a few, it's Albert Einstein's birthday (born in 1879). Who doesn't love math and this guy?!?! Ok, probably a lot of people. But.... wait for it.... I'm sure plenty of you will also be thrilled to hear that it's also Potato Chip Day! Ketchup, sour cream, salt and vinegar, bbq, plain... the list is delightfully long and enjoyable, and new flavours seem to be always popping up on grocery shelves.
In honour of our salty, deep-fried potato friends, I've selected a quiz with no right or wrong answers. Grab a bag and click away!

Apparently I'm a Ketchup with a hint of Plain...

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