Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fat Friday - Grindhouse Burger Bar


Where does the time go? I think I underestimated this whole working, knitting, cooking, blogging, planning a wedding thing. It sure does take up more time than I anticipated! But today I found a few minutes to finally fill you in on our Fat Friday (while taking a quick break on campus to enjoy some soup...)

We had originally scheduled another Winterlicious dinner with friends, but those plans changed, so we opted to get back in to our original Fat Friday menus....just plain old, stick-to-your-gut greasy food. And when you think of greasy food, you probably think of French fries, onion rings, and hamburgers! At least that's what WE think of. We thought we had found an already great burger place near us, Craft Burger, but it seems new ones are always popping up in the area. (I thought I had previously blogged about Craft Burger, but it seems it has not appeared yet in Fat Friday! I better correct this error...soon!)

One we had heard really great reviews about was Grindhouse Burger Bar, a mere 5 minute walk from on our condo. From the outside, it doesn't look much of anything special, sandwiched in (or burgered in....hehe...) between a dive bar (my apologies to those who actually LIKE The Underground...) and a travel agent (I think), but once inside it takes on a very different ambiance, and it's really quite nice. We were surprised that it was actually a sit-down restaurant; we were expecting a small counter to order take out, with perhaps a few tables for those wishing to dine in. But there was actually a very nice bar and tables set up, so we may return to enjoy other items on their menu.

The story behind the Grindhouse is that is owned by caters who wanted to open a burger place, and what sets them apart is that they use only the best ingredients and make everything in-house - buns and condiments included! Plus, fresh onion rings and French fries - we of course got both to share.

And the was very good, top notch ratings from our side. The size was perfect for filling you up, but not to the point that you're too full to enjoy the sides. Will it replace our Craft Burger? That might depend on how lazy we are and how cold it is outside, because the Grindhouse is definitely a lot closer...

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