Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trivia Tuesday

(Note: not any dog of mine... but still adorable!)
Photo Credit: Michael Eudenbach

Based on findings from my local internet resources (aka, the one website I check on Tuesdays to see what the day's events are), today is Dog Biscuit Celebration Day. Treats are certainly a great way to reward your dog, and to show them just how much you care (wait a minute...I'm seeing some similarities between dogs and us humans...potty training children... rewarding good grades at school... buying new outfits for special occasions...). While I don't personally own a pet (I'm working on keeping my cactus alive), one day Matt and I hope to have a house with a yard and a dog of our own.

I know that dog owners will buy many lovely gifts for their pets, which is why I often toy with knitting up outerwear for dogs, big and small (I know that when I get my very own cute little puppy, they will be wearing a handmade sweater when the weather gets cold - no matter how much Matt protests! He can walk behind me. Besides, the sweaters would knit up in a pinch!). I also know pet owners love their dogs based on the many, many, many pet shops found in and around town, offering a variety of expensive items: booties and sweaters to wear; beds and pillows to sleep on; groomers to primp and pamper; and even designer houses to live in.

While at first I didn't think I would be able to have much useful information to share with you on this Trivia Tuesday, procrastinating from work allowed me some time to search the worldwide web for a while, and I did come across some interesting facts about dogs:  
  • Estimated Number of Canadian Households with Dogs, 2002: 3.4 million;
  • Estimated total Number of Dogs held as Pets, 2002: 5.7 million;
  • Dogs can register sounds of 35,000 vibrations a second where as a human can only hear 20,000 vibrations;
  • Theobromine in chocolates, a substance similar to caffeine, can kill the dogs, or at the very least make them seriously ill;
  • The oldest age recorded for a dog is 29 years and 5 months;
  • Greyhounds can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour in short bursts;
  • Did you know that dogs have three eyelids? They have an upper and lower eyelid and a third one inside of the other two. It helps protect the eye from dirt and dust. It is also called a "haw".

And since we here at BusyBeeBets are a baking-related blog, for all you pet owners out there, I have found a collection of Dog Biscuit Recipes online for you to try out.
Now on to the quiz portion of the day: how much do you know about myths and facts about dogs? Today we'll test your general knowledge with this Quiz. I scored a 10/15 on this one... not too shabby...

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