Friday, June 11, 2010

Frogging is Fun!!

I think it's really great when I can learn something from my friends who read this blog (thanks, Jess, for sharing the tip on Frogging!). I have also since learned the origin of the term - since you're essentially ripping out the yarn, row by row, the "rip it, rip it" reflects the sound a frog makes! How clever, us knitters are, eh?

In any case, I happily frogged the striped grey sweater (once you start, there really is no going back...), which took a WHOLE lot less time than actually knitting it up... and then I found just the prefect little sweater to knit up, and basically, I've been working on that non-stop for the past two weeks, taking a break only to finish up the knitted dress for Ava.

And now, I'm happy to say, it's finished. And I love it! It's now a sweater that I can wear out and that I think looks decent (I say decent, because I think I made it a bit too short, but I'll just put a tank on underneath or something). This was knit completely in the round with ZERO seams to sew up (something that often takes a lot of time), and casting off and then on again, you create the two arm holes. There is even a nice little detail at the top of a few small pleats, which I think really adds a nice touch. And since there isn't a front or a back, you never have to worry about putting it on backwards!

Since the striped pattern is uneven (the light gray has a wider stripe), I was left with extra of the dark gray yarn, so now I might have to make an accompanying piece. Not quite sure what yet, and I have been tempted to pick up an additional blue/teal colour in the same texture, so that might be my next project. All my major projects seem to be wrapping up, so it's time to move on to something else! Ah, the possibilities...


  1. Nice sweater, Beth! As for the leftover yarn, I bought a knit and felted "flower" pin/brooch last fall at a craft show. It uses two different shades of red so it looks a bit like a rose. Maybe a pattern for something like that might use up some leftover yarn and you could pin it on the sweater (or a jacket).

  2. Haha! Rip-it, rip-it -- I didn't know that, but love it!


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