Friday, January 29, 2010

More Knit Lit - Vogue Knitting Stitchionary

I was almost at a loss of what to blog about today (if you can believe it!). I have at least one or two things on the go (including an easy and simple dessert treat), but nothing completed, and most of them I have already shared with you. But luckily, when I went to fetch my mail today, I found a lovely little package from Chapters with my latest knitting purchase.

A big thank you to Jessica for introducing me to the series of stitch books by Vogue Knitting. Each volume focuses on a different topic, and the two that I picked out this week were Volume Three: Colour Knitting and Volume Two: Cables. Both are great reference books filled with stitches and ideas, and I think they will be referred to often and regularly; I'm excited to begin browsing through them to pick out my next project. Feel free to check out some of the stitches on the Vogue Knitting website.

As far as I can tell, there are five volumes, including lace, crochet, and basic designs using the knit and purl stitch. Sometimes when you have a project in mind, turning to a reference book like this will help get the project rolling. If I am working on a relatively simple project (like a laptop case, for example), having a stitch book is great for inspiration. That was why I was excited to pick up the colour book. The cable book is also great for adding a bit of something extra to perhaps a plain project. If you haven't attempted cables because of how difficult they look, they are actually really quite simple, once you get the hang of them. Then they are a piece of cake!

I also subscribe to two different magazines, Knit Simple and Vogue Knitting, and I always get excited when I receive the latest edition. I quickly turn to the pattern section to see what catches my eye and the instantly begin plotting when I can make my next trip to the yarn store for supplies. Debbie Bliss and Interweave Knitting are also magazines I like to browse through at the news stands, but I find some times there may not be very many appealing projects, so they might just end up staying on the news stand.

Now to crack those books!

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  1. Thanks! I've been looking for a sort of "reference guide" to keep on hand and teach me the ins and outs!


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