Friday, May 07, 2010

Finally...successful ravioli!!

I guess practice really does make a difference. I think I've pretty much got the hang of this pasta making thing, at least creating the perfect dough consistency and texture, even the rolling out part (which Matt also likes to help with), but I've always struggled with actually forming the pasta pockets.

Last night we made my goat cheese and chorizo ravioli again. All other times I've tried this before, I had problems with getting the pasta to stay together when cooking them. While they were still good, most of the filling comes out in the pasta water. But then I remembered a handy little tool that I had for making perogies, so last night's mission was to try that out. (If that failed, I also had an actual pasta stamps (circle and square), and that would have been my next one to try.)

With each and every attempt, I also tend to mix things up a bit. At first I was making the dough by hand, but this really took a lot of work! So I switched to using my KitchenAid Mixer and dough attachment...heck, that's what it's made for, so why not?! Once the dough has been made and chilled (I put it in the fridge for 15 minutes or so; this makes it a little less sticky to handle), you can start on your filling. Mine is just the standard onions, chorizo sausage (you take it out of the skin and break it down), and a bit of seasonings. The goat cheese goes in at the end when you're ready for the filling.

To make the pockets, I use my handy pasta roller (this is where two hands come in handy...), and roll the dough until I think it's thin enough. The base of the perogie maker is slightly bigger than it's upper jaws, so I used that to cut into circles. You then place  the dough in the little folding device (see picture), add filling, and fold. It pinches the sides together, and voila! Handy little raviolis! Next, you boil them in water for 8 - 10 minutes, then drain.

To finish off the dish, we melted together some olive oil, butter, and garlic in a the same frying pan as the filling, then sauteed the ravioli until golden brown. Top with a bit of Parmesan cheese, and folks, you've got yourself some ravioli!!

I wonder if I need to start thinking about another filling to go inside the pockets... but sometimes, why mess with a good thing? And my apologies if I've already posted about this pasta dish and you're sick of reading about it, but I felt it was the first time that they actually turned out they way they were supposed to. Thanks for bearing with me...

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