Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fat Friday - Stockyards

A while back, probably some time well before Christmas, Matt had heard of a really great little hole in the wall that served up some delicious ribs, fried chicken, and pulled pork sandwiches - The Stockyards. The ribs are only served on Friday through Sunday, and you better get there early to get yours (ribs are served after 5pm). The first time we went, we were not aware of the fact that they sell out quickly, so we settled for the pulled pork sandwich and fried chicken and promised we'd go back again soon.

Well, soon turned out to be about 5 months later, and this time, we got wise and planned our meal for Sunday at 5 (about 2 weeks ago, that is...). You'd think we would have beaten the crowds, but by the time we arrived, there was already a line-up out the door. But the ribs, they were hot and ready! So we ordered up a half rack with a side of fries, and completed the meal with two lemonades - oh, and a pulled pork sandwich, because they are just so darn tasty! 

The Stockyards doesn't have much room for eating in, in fact, not much room for standing in line, either, as I think they cater much more to the take-out crowds. So after we got our order, we headed outside and dined on a lovely little bench in the shade just down the street. This was the first time we had the ribs, and they were good, but I think we both agreed that the pulled pork is well work going back for, probably one of the best we've found in the city thus far (and we've tried a few!).

It's inspired us, in fact, to have our own pulled pork this week.

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