Monday, January 04, 2010

Felting 103 - Needle Case

It seems now that I've got the basic understandings of the felting process under control (you know, read the pattern, knit, wash, and repeat if necessary - it really is as simple as that!). My third felting project for the season was a felted needle case for Matt's mom to hold all of her knitting needles (or at least a portion...).

I found this great variegated green yarn and away I went, knitting just a basic rectangle, which you then fold in three to create the case. The most exciting part with felting is seeing what the finished product is going to look like, and in this case, I was really pleased. Sometimes the fabric does lose its shape after washing, so it might be necessary to stretch and shape it back into the original design. In my case, the rectangle seemed a little out of sorts, but the great thing with felting is that you can trim the edges to square it up and your work will not unravel! In my case, I trimmed the outside edges once I had sewn on the inside fabric.

Finding the right fabric for the inside, however, was a bit more of a challenge. Since the yarn was all sorts of shades of green, it was a decision between trying to match them all, or find a contrasting colour. In the end, I found this really great polka dot fabric (with Matt's help, of course. He usually is the one to find the right one...), and I think it turned out really great.

My next project is probably a pair of felted mittens, which I received as a gift from Matt's mom. I simply HAD to ask for the pattern and start knitting a pair...

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  1. Great idea, Beth. I love the knitting needle bag! Do you use a serger or regular sewing machine to sew the fabric on?

    Can't wait to see the mittens!


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