Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Bread Diary - Loaves 3 & 4

I have to say that loaves 3 and 4 in the bread book were not all that exciting; I mean, they were pretty exciting for me to bake up, but nothing really special to share with you here today. I baked them more to use up the dough before we left for the cottage, so they were pretty much a variation of the first loaf.

The one pictured above turned into sandwich bread for Matt's lunch for the week Nothing says lunch like a fresh loaf of bread with peanut butter at the office (this is what Matt enjoys EVERY day, in fact... with an apple and a few handfuls of pretzels. We like consistency in our little family...).

The last loaf we took up to the cottage (I never like to come empty handed, so I also brought along some peanut butter cookies...). This one really had a great sour dough flavour, and we toasted it for breakfast one morning to enjoy with scrambled eggs and the BEST smelling maple bacon. This latter is a very odd thing for me, because smelling it made me really crave the sweet and the salty, but I really have this thing about sweet meats; you know, like dipping your bacon in the syrup from your pancakes - these two things never happen on my plate! But just the smell of this maple bacon made my mouth water, plus, I'm a sucker for bacon in any form, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I don't think it's going to make me start dipping my bacon in syrup, but I just might pick up a package next time I'm in the market for bacon.

So that wraps up the first round of bread baking. The next round uses the same dough but shapes it differently. They do sort of all taste the same, as would be expected, but I'm having a lot of fun experimenting and practicing my bread techniques.

Later recipes call for some different flours, such as rye and whole wheat. In anticipation of those recipes, we took a quick trip to the bulk barn to pick up a few different flours. I could have easily spent hours in there and left a lot poorer, but I settled on just two different ones... I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Those loaves look great. I can't wait to see and read about the rye.


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