Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stuffed Bear for Baby Mia

Good friends of ours recently had their second child (the wife is a blogger, too! She blogged about her experience with her second pregnancy, and how she felt about going from one to two). They delivered a beautiful little girl named Mia Elizabeth Ann (and from one Elizabeth Anne to another, that's a great name...).

We had to drop by to introduce ourselves, and we couldn't come empty handed, after all. I had just put the finishing touches on this little bear, and while note completely girlish, it would make a nice gift. We also made a loaf of lime yogurt bread, something for the parents to enjoy. Sounds like a lot of people do baking as gifts, because they certainly had an assortment of treats to serve us.

The photo doesn't really do the bear justice - it does have some bright and vibrant colours from the variegated yarn I used, but I couldn't quite get a shot I liked. Plus, the lighting in our kitchen is not that great.

Shortly after we left we received an email from the couple with this photo: looks like the eldest might have already gotten his hands on it...

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