Monday, July 05, 2010

Bread Diary - Fresh Baguettes

The next loaf in the book was a fresh baguette. It uses the same dough as the previous bread, just shaped differently, and with the dough sitting in the fridge a few days longer, it also picks up more of a sour dough tanginess. I'm trying really hard to follow closely to the book, making each bread in order, but I have to admit that I get a little bit impatient as the desserts are at the END of the book... but we'll get there eventually.

So, after lifting out the next pound of dough and letting it rest to room temperature, I formed them into two small baguettes. These were destined to be breakfast toast one Saturday morning, but would be equally as nice if used for fresh bruschetta or garlic bread (something to try out at a later date...) . We settled, however, on slicing them to toast. Matt enjoyed his with butter, and I added a bit of honey to mine. Not much more to say about these little guys, except they were delish!

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