Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fat Friday - Grindhouse

I know that I have already posted about The Grindhouse, those delicious burgers and fries and onion rings, mmm.... but this Fat Friday was especially nice as we got to share it with our family. This was our version of a Rehearsal Dinner, but really, it was a chance to enjoy some good food and beer together before our big day. This weekend was really a great way to catch up with our family that live some distance away, and I think that helped make the day all the more special. Sadly, Matt's family from New Mexico weren't able to make it in time for dinner, due to a cancelled flight, but Norm and Carol, hopefully you can enjoy the evening through this blog post.

Even though the burger with fries or onion rings were a popular choice that night, with a couple different options on the menu, others chose to sample some of the other items at Grindhouse. My brother, Jeff, chose the pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw and onion rings, and according to him, it was really good! I wasn't surprised to hear that, but he really liked the fresh bread it was served on. That's key for me, too, when ordering the pulled pork. You need a sturdy enough bread to soak up the sauces, but stay firm enough to not fall apart in your hands. Jeff said it passed the test. We'll have to try one for ourselves next time pulled pork is on the menu.

Sarah, my health nut of a sister, opted for a lighter fare that night, choosing instead the veggie burger with a side salad. I think she was a little disappointed with the burger, as she said it was rather crumbly and hard to eat. I would have nothing to compare it with, so I'll have to take Sarah's word for it. I know the Grindhouse has made a name for themselves for using fresh and local ingredients, so that could be part of the reason. In any case, she said the salad was good, and she still enjoyed an onion ring and fry or two... how can you really resist while everyone else is enjoying?

As for the rest of us, I think we all enjoyed different versions of the Grindhouse burger - some with cheese, some without; some with fries, some with onion rings. Everything is made fresh on site, and that really does make a big difference. The ketchup has a nice bit of spice to it, and the garlic mayo is just that - very garlicky. I'm not a big mayo fan, but dipping the onion rings was quite delicious! And topping the night off with a few pitchers of beer, well, that's how we celebrate Fat Fridays.

This dinner was really just the beginning of many great dinners to come. The wedding party dined at Jump Bar & Cafe on Saturday night, and the food there was just awesome. With a fixed menu, there was something for everyone to choose from, and we hope all our guests enjoyed their meals.

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