Thursday, December 03, 2009

You can Google me!

If in case you somehow forget how to find me online, like you haven't yet book-marked me in your favourites (shame on you!), you can now Google me:

Ok, so you have to type in the full BusyBeeBets, all one word with no spaces, to find me, but still, you can find me. And I am the only one that comes up! How is that for advertising?!?

And yes, this might have been a mildly egotistical experiment for a small smidge of enjoyment...

Perhaps some of you might be wondering, why, in fact, the blog is called BusyBeeBets. There are 3 reasons (because 3 is my favourite number), which I will happily elaborate on:
  1. I enjoy alliteration, hence the 3 B's;
  2. I am often very busy;
  3. And after being introduced to the amazing show Mad Men, on which one of the lead character's name is Elizabeth, but is often called Betty or Bets, and I, too, adopted the nickname Bets, which I quite enjoy. (Note: Matt was the one who first started calling me Bets, and actually probably the only one, but that is how I adopted the nickname...)
And there you have it. The brief history of BusyBeeBets (and in typing this last sentence, I accidently added a "t" in Busy, creating an entirely different type of blog!! Oh, my...).

1 comment:

  1. Hey Beth,
    Thanks for the clarification. Glad I had already figured it out, though. Makes me feel smart after this long, busy, tiring week!

    Enjoy your vacation!


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