Thursday, December 03, 2009


Matt and I are getting ready to leave on our vacation to New Mexico this Friday. We're very excited to be getting away for a few days, but man, things sure are busy and hectic here right now! That will hopefully make the vacation even more enjoyable, if I can manage to forget about work, and the work that I'll be returning to, while we're away... Plus, hate to tell you all, but I do believe there is snow in the forecast for the coming week... And New Mexico is currently a balmy 15 degrees (Celsius, that is).

Above are our suitcases, already overflowing... and I haven't even started to pack yet! One suitcase is entirely filled with snow clothes, as we thought we might be able to do some skiing in the mountains while we are there. But it turns out that they haven't really had cold enough weather, so we might be reconsidering that option. And that will free up at least one of the bags for me to pack in, plus leave some room in case we do some Christmas shopping down there.

In any case, we have a jam-packed week ahead of us with some great items on our itinerary: lots of sight-seeing, maybe some shopping, and definitely a LOT of eating good Mexican food. Don't worry, I will certainly do my best to keep you all updated on that front. Look or a solid week of Fat Fridays!

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