Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Brunch

This was our first year celebrating Christmas together in our condo, and since we had a couple other visits to make over the holidays, we decided to have our Christmas morning on the 24th. I found this great little festive table cloth, which matched perfectly with the Red Daisies Matt brought home for me on Wednesday (he's very sweet that way!).

For our brunch, we had French Toast served with strawberries, a side of bacon, and non-alcoholic Mimosas (orange juice and ginger ale).  It was a great way to start the morning, followed by opening stockings from each other. I love stockings... it's like a never-ending sock filled with little goodies! And Matt did a great job of filling my stocking!

After all of that, we were ready to set on our travels, heading first to my parent's house for dinner on the 24th, followed by another brunch and more stockings Christmas morning. From there, on to Matt's mom's house in Belleville for Christmas dinner #1, followed by Sherlock Holmes at the show. I had never been to the movies on Christmas Day, but it was a really great idea! I'm thinking we might make a tradition of it!

Christmas Dinner #2 airs on Sunday back at my parent's, and Christmas Dinner #3 is New Year's Day back at Matt's mom's house. It will be a fun week celebrating Christmas... followed by the gym!

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