Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why not Baked Brie for lunch?!?

This weekend has been all about finishing up last minute Christmas shopping and completing outstanding homemade holiday gifts. Throw in a little Christmas cheer and visiting with friends, and you've got yourself a great line-up for the weekend! 

Today was spent finishing up last minute craft items; a bit of cutting and sewing, a bit of knitting and purling, and bit of cursing and swearing (as any good craft project usually has...). Of course, the highlight might have to be our lunch today: Baked Brie in Puff Pasty with Almonds and Red Pepper Jelly. Quite a tasty treat on a cold Sunday afternoon, if I do say so myself... Although we did have to make some substitutions at the grocery store, it did turn out very good, and will surely be a repeat in the near future (of course, Matt and I are both huge cheese lovers, so any cheese dish is probably going to be a favourite...). 

Saturday was saved for braving the crowds and knocking off the last of our Christmas items, which we did with record efficiency.  Of course now we still have the daunting task of wrapping, but I enjoy that, so it should not be too terrible. We also capped off the night by visiting the Bay Christmas windows (a really great display!) and then heading over to Nathan Phillips Square for their Festival of Lights. With a hugh Christmas tree and timed fireworks set to various works of music, the whole effect was quite enjoyable. It made bearing the cold just a bit easier as we watched the colours explode and fill the night sky. Only a few more days until Christmas now...

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  1. One of my favourite easy cheesy treats is Babybel Minis, wrapped in Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. I put mustard in them too! Makes for a perfect lunch while wrapping Christmas presents, alongside a nice hot mug of soup!

    Also works well as an hors d'ouvre, if you use a big wheel, and wrap the whole thing in a "star pattern" with the crescent rolls. Yummmm!


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