Friday, January 10, 2014

Fat Friday - Brooklyn Tavern

We love when new restaurants open up in our neighbourhood, and there certainly isn't a lack of them. When we see the paper over the windows of recently closed down shops, we look closely at the construction permit to see what might be coming, and we get excited when it says bar or restaurant. 

Brooklyn Tavern was getting some good reviews and attention in the local blogs, so Matt and I decided to check it out for lunch. We had a rare day before Christmas where we both took the day off of work to finish up our shopping, and on the way back home we stopped in to grab a bite. 

There menu offers a nice variety of options but isn't that overwhelming that I couldn't decide what to have. The starters/share items all sounded delicious, but we choose the Popcorn with Smoked Paprika and Manchego and the Pulled Pork Flautas with Tomatillo Salsa. Both were sensational. 

For my main, I wisely chose the Spicy Chicken and Lime Tortilla Soup, now one of my favorite soups, and Matt went with the New Mexican Pork and Green Chile Stew, surely out of nostalgia. Both were so good! 

I followed up that visit about a month later when a girlfriend and I went for dinner. This time around, I ordered the Giant Meatball Filled with Pulled Pork served in a Chipotle-White Bean Broth, a some-what unusual choice for me, but again, I was not disappointed. I don't know how I am resisting the Mac & Cheese, but I'm sure I'll get around to tasting it yet. Just writing this post is reminding me how good the Brooklyn Tavern is, so I'm thinking it's due time to head back there again soon.

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