Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Book Nook: What in God's Name

What in God's Name
~ Simon Rich

BBB Rating: 4 out of 5

I cued up this book after finishing Simon's book of short stories, Last Girlfriend on Earth. I loved his writing style and humour in his stories, so I was excited to read his novel. I was a little skeptical from the title, but turns out this is just a good ol' fashion love story told in Heaven. And Heaven might not be how you think it is. I liked this book so much that is was the one I brought to my Christmas Book Club Mean Santa, and surprisingly, it got stolen a number of times. If you're looking for a cute love story, check out this one.

From Goodreads

Welcome to Heaven, Inc., the grossly mismanaged corporation in the sky. For as long as anyone can remember, the founder and CEO (known in some circles as "God") has been phoning it in. Lately, he's been spending most of his time on the golf course. And when he does show up at work, it's not to resolve wars or end famines, but to Google himself and read what humans have been blogging about him.

When God decides to retire (to pursue his lifelong dream of opening an Asian Fusion restaurant), he also decides to destroy Earth. His employees take the news in stride, except for Craig and Eliza, two underpaid angels in the lowly Department of Miracles. Unlike their boss, Craig and Eliza love their jobs - uncapping city fire hydrants on hot days, revealing lost keys in snow banks - and they refuse to accept that earth is going under.

The angels manage to strike a deal with their boss. He'll call off his Armageddon, if they can solve their toughest miracle yet: getting the two most socially awkward humans on the planet to fall in love. With doomsday fast approaching, and the humans ignoring every chance for happiness thrown their way, Craig and Eliza must move heaven and earth to rescue them - and the rest of us, too.

I think I'll take a little break from this author, but I will return to read his other works again for sure.

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  1. After she won the Nobel prize, I decided I better read Alice Munro's My Best Stories... so Ontario, so far, even mentions the Ottawa Valley several times.


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