Monday, January 27, 2014

Crafty Find: Scrabble!

I love crafts that can re-purpose common items into new and exciting ideas. I came across this drink coaster made out of scrabble tiles (brilliant), so I was curious to see what other crafts made use of these alphabet tiles. Any one of these would be a great gift for the scrabble lover in your life. And the best part, with so many letters to choose from, personalizing your gift is pretty simple. You could even make them bilingual.

To start, you could make your own Christmas Ornaments:

Or perhaps a magnet for your dishwasher to let you know when the dishes are clean or dirty:

The letters would always look nice spelling out a message in a nice frame: 

And if you can make it work, make your own family tree:  

You could use them as wine charms: 

You could also use them for a bit of inspiration. How about pillows that look like scrabble tiles?

There seem to be a lot of fun variations with this versatile letter game. I just might have to book mark this for the next time I want to make a personalized gift for someone.

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  1. Beth, I love these ideas.... I just couldn't bear to break up a perfectly good Scrabble set though! I guess this is what you do if you lose some tiles.


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