Monday, December 16, 2013

Crafty Find: Felt Christmas Tree

When it came time to put up our Christmas tree at home, I was fairly certain that our curious little monkey would make a bee-line to the shiny and sparkly ornaments and take them down, one by one. (I wasn't wrong.) In an effort to prevent this, or at least distract her, I found this awesome craft to make your wee one a felt Christmas tree of her own to decorate. 

After a quick trip to King Textiles on Spadina I had a yard of green felt in hand, and for the ornaments, I was able to pick up felt squares at the dollar store. I used some cookie cutters I had at home for templates and cut them out. Attaching the tree to the wall turned out to be a bit more difficult, as using painters tape only held up the tree for a few minutes. I think the weight of the felt dragged it down from the tape. The furry felt just didn't keep a good bond. My new solution is to hot glue the felt to Bristol board, and then use the tape again to hold up the board.

When the ornaments were not on the tree, I kept them in an empty wipes box, and Olivia had almost as much fun pulling them out of there as she did sticking them to the tree. 

Of course she did eventually get bored of her felt tree and discovered our real/fake one, so that's why all the ornaments are on the top two thirds of the tree. I have a feeling wrapped Christmas presents will also have to remain hidden until Christmas morning; she's already figured out how to unwrap things.

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  1. Love the felt tree. We have a couple of them at our house too. Keeping them on the wall is THE WORST, so I'll try your bristol board trick and see if it helps.... Merry Christmas! xox


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