Friday, December 13, 2013

Fat Friday - La Carnita

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Toronto certainly does not lack for taco options, so choosing one really just depends on what side of the city you find yourself. Or, if you're like Matt and I, it depends on what's the latest one to open up. 

We first tasted La Carnita after waiting close to an hour in line at an event at Brickworks, probably close to two years ago. The tacos were definitely worth the wait, so when they finally opened up shop on College Street this summer, we were excited to head on over, with mother-in-law and babe-in-stroller in tow. 

It was a hot sticky day in August, but we were lucky to nab the only seat on the patio. We washed away the heat with a cold cider over ice while we awaited our meal. To start, we had the tortilla chips with guacamole, always a winner when you're out for Mexican, and a mango salad to share. Both were delicious and so refreshing.

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We had hardly touched our starters by the time the tacos arrived - service was great that way. It's obvious they try to get as many people through to maximize profits, but the food doesn't suffer. Each item was fresh and hot and super tasty! We each ordered two tacos, and after our starters, it was more than enough, but still left room for dessert. There are just three desserts to choose from, and, while the Paletas were tasty, the clear winner was the Tres Leche Cake, served up with Ontario fruit.

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